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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Movies

ByCliff Lively

The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American movie written by Joss Whedon and made in 1992 which covers several genres; horror, comedy and action. Originally featuring Kristy Swanson, Buffy is stereotypical materialistic American girl.

Buffy is a cheerleader at Hemery High School, Los Angeles, who spends her time, as many such girls do, hanging out with her friends and shopping but her normal well to do life is about to change out of all recognition when she meets a man called Merrick Jamison-Smythe (played by Donald Sutherland) who tells her that she has been chosen as a "Slayer". Slayers are girls with mystical powers who are chosen to slay vampires and if a Slayer meets her end in the process, she is replaced by the next Slayer in line.

Merrick is a "Watcher" and as a member of the Watchers' Council, a secret society, his remit is to identify and fight evil paranormal beings, especially vampires. Actually, Watchers don't do the dirty work themselves, they are allocated to a Slayer and train them to slay vampires and Merrick is to make Buffy the vampire slayer ready to fight evil powers.

Naturally, Buffy does not immediately believe Merrick's story so he has to prove his credentials by relating in detail a dream of Buffy's which often recurs.

Buffy starts her training as a vampire slayer and during that time makes friends with Oliver Pike (played by Luke Perry), despite his initial antipathy to Buffy and her rich friends. However, when Oliver's friend, Benny is turned into a vampire by a servant of the vampire king, Lothos (played by Rutger Hauer), Buffy and Oliver get together to vanquish Benny's enemies and eventually, Oliver becomes Buffy's love interest and they team up to fight the undead.

Buffy successfully gets rid of a selection of vampires but eventually has to take on Lothos, who has already killed Merrick. The battle takes place in the middle of the Hemery High School senior prom and by using some unusual means, Buffy overwhelms Lothos and his followers.

The remake of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, caused controversy when it was first announced in 1999 by excluding the writer of the original film and subsequent television series, Joss Whedon. The movie is apparently to be completely re-written by a young woman screenwriter called Whit Anderson, working for Warner Brothers but up to the present, there has been no announcement as to casting or release date.

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