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Why Do My Netflix Streaming Movies Buffer on My Insignia Blu-Ray?

Print this articleBlu-Ray offers better quality video viewing through higher definition, even when watching regular DVDs. One of the perks of having an internet-capable Blu-Ray player like those made by Insignia is the ability to watch streaming video through premium services like Netflix. However, buffering while watching Netflix streaming content on your Insignia Blu-Ray can interrupt the fun. Buffering is a common experience with a few possible culprits.

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One of the reasons your Netflix streaming videos may be buffering is your internet service provider's transmitting capabilities, referred to as bandwidth, is being used by too many users at once. This can happen with your home's bandwidth if several devices are using the internet connection at once as well. With several devices downloading information, each device's downloading speed is slowed which can cause buffering when streaming videos. Turning off any smartphones or computers also using the internet connection may allow faster downloading on your Insignia Blu-Ray player.

Connection Method

How your Insignia Blu-Ray player is connected to the internet can affect the buffering of your Netflix streaming videos. Most Insignia Blu-Ray players allow you to connect to the internet so you can stream online content, like Netflix, to your TV. However, connecting via Wi-Fi can cause you to lose bandwidth when streaming Netflix videos. Connecting through a hard line directly to a modem can solve this problem if it is on-going.

High Definition Streaming

Videos in high definition are much larger than those in standard definition, often up to twice the size. When you stream Netflix videos in high definition through your Insignia Blu-Ray player, buffering may occur. While switching to a hard line connection and turning off other internet-connected devices may help, it may be best to switch to standard definition video streaming to avoid buffering.


If you continuously have problems with buffering while streaming Netflix videos through your Insignia Blu-Ray player, you should consider talking to your internet service provider to upgrade your internet service plan. Upgrading will cost more, but it will also increase your bandwidth to handle faster downloading speeds. This can prevent buffering when watching Netflix through your Blu-Ray player while using other internet-connected devices, connecting via Wi-Fi, and even when streaming high definition videos.

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