Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Disassembling a PS3 Blu-ray Drive

Disassemble the PS3's Blu-ray drive to rescue a stuck disc.

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The Blu-ray drive housed in a PlayStation 3 gaming console not only plays PS3 game titles but also Blu-ray movies. In the unfortunate event that a game or movie becomes stuck or otherwise fails to eject from the drive, it may prove necessary to rescue the disc manually. Fortunately, the PS3's construction makes it fairly easy to access the Blu-ray drive and disassemble it if necessary.

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Remove the Phillips screws from the outer portion of the console. Lift the upper cover from the console.


Remove the second layer of screws from the platter under the cosmetic cover to expose the innards of the PS3 console. Find the Blu-ray drive's silver-tone metal case.


Lift the drive from the inside of the console. Gently remove the small wire harness from the primary circuit board leading to the drive. Lift the drive from the case.


Flip the drive over, exposing the circuit board. Find the four corner screws and the single Phillips screw holding the circuit board to the drive.


Flip over the small circuit board off the drive's housing. Pull the small wire harness leading from the board to the drive.


Locate the remaining Phillips screws on the bottom of the Blu-ray drive. Remove them all and set them aside.


Separate the two halves of the drive housing. Locate the white disc retaining cap. Pull this free from the drive.


Separate the two plastic halves of the drive. The disc is now visible and accessible for removal.

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