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Problems With Streaming Netflix on Insignias

Print this articleThe Insignia brand of Blu-ray players appeals to the budget-minded consumer who still wants some bells and whistles. Insignia, produced and sold by Best Buy, offers affordable high-definition viewing for both Blu-rays and DVDs, along with built-in Wi-Fi for streaming Internet radio and video content like Netflix. When streaming Netflix on your Insignia Blu-ray player, you may encounter some common problems.

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Complaints about audio problems when streaming Netflix on Insignia Blu-ray players involve delays and the audio playing out of sync with the picture. Netflix only streams video in two-channel stereo sound, so home theater systems with five-channel surround sound will create an audio delay and show video out of sync with the audio. When streaming Netflix through your Insignia, only use stereo sound.


Another complaint about streaming Netflix on Insignias is buffering. While this is going to happen sometimes, frequent buffering and rebuffering is a sign that you have a bandwidth issue with your ISP (Internet service provider). You are either running too many Internet-connected devices at once, which takes up all your bandwidth and makes all the connections slow, or you need to upgrade your Internet package for greater bandwidth.


Sometimes either while rebuffering or on the Netflix menu screen for an extended period, your Insignia Blu-ray player may freeze. This means you cannot exit the screen or access controls with either the remote or the controls on the front of the Insignia. The only way to deal with this problem is to turn off the Insignia, turn it on again and restart Netflix.

Reporting Issues

If you have problems streaming Netflix on your Insignia device, first contact Netflix customer support to report the issue. This can be done by signing onto the Netflix website on a computer, accessing your "Account and Help" dashboard and selecting "Report Issue" on the video you were streaming. If you feel you need to contact Insignia as well, their website gives you the option to email, call or search a knowledge database for do-it-yourself resolutions.

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