Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where Will the Cable TV Industry Will Be in the Future?

ByWilliam Baretta

If anybody tries to tell you what the cable TV industry will look like in 10 to 20 years, at the very best they would only be making an educated guess. The fact of the matter is, not even the highly paid executives that run these companies know what is going to happen.

One thing is certain though, which is the professionals that make decisions for the cable TV providers, are worried about what impact the internet is going to have on their revenues once its speed is greatly increased. That is kind of ironic too, since the internet is one of their principle sources of revenue too.

When the cable television firms where first starting out in business and were investing in their cables and other infrastructure, the internet had not even been invented yet. At the time, they thought their only source of revenue would be selling cable TV subscriptions.

Now, these very same companies make a ton of money providing internet access, which someday could put their cable TV side of their business, out of business completely. What these firms are so worried about, is that more people than ever are spending time on the internet, and not in front of their televisions.

They also believe that this pattern is not going to ever go back to where it was previously, but only increase substantially once the internet improves its speed considerably. Only just a few years ago sites like YouTube were created, which allowed people to post videos they generated themselves online. These types of websites are extremely popular now, and are regularly visited by millions of people each and every day.

Now there are also all kinds of websites where you can watch movies or television on them. Fortunately for the cable TV providers, the speed of the present day internet does not permit the end user to have the same experience as they would watching a television show that is delivered over a cable connected to their house. However, someday in the future that will happen, and when it does, who knows how many subscribers will turn off their cable TV.

The internet is changing the world, and someday not too long from now, it certainly could change how you bring all of your entertainment into your home. The cable TV providers are very aware of this, and wish that there was something that they could do to slow down the evolution.

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