Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Hook Up the 55WF655 to HD Blu-ray

Print this articleHooking up HDTV peripherals has been much simpler since the HDMI cable was released. The HDMI cable is a single cord that brings both high-definition video and audio. One device that the HDMI cable was born to be used with is an HD Blu-ray player. The Sony 55WF655 HDTV comes with HDMI ports that can be used in connecting the Blu-ray player.

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Insert the HDMI cable into an open HDMI slot on the 55WF655 Sony HDTV.


Insert the HDMI cable into the HD Blu-ray player's HDMI port.


Connect the HD Blu-ray player's power cable into an open power socket near the HDTV and HD Blu-ray player.


Turn the 55WF655 Sony HDTV on and press the "TV Input" button on the HDTV remote until the HD Blu-ray's logo comes on the screen.


Insert a Blu-ray disc into the HD Blu-ray disc player and the Blu-ray will begin playing.

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