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How to Replace the Blu-ray Drive on a PS3 Without the Old Drive

Print this articleThe Blu-ray optical drive on your Sony PlayStation 3 console includes a circuit board attached to the bottom of it. Should the dive fail and a new drive need to be installed, you must remove the circuit board from the old drive and attach it to the new one. If for some reason you no longer have the old drive and circuit board, you wll need to purchase a replacement circuit board in addition to a new drive.

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Prepare your new Blu-ray drive by attaching the circuit board to it. Plug the wire on the bottom of the drive into the connector on the left side of the board. Next, attach the board to the bottom of the drive using the five screws that should be included.


Turn off the PlayStation and unplug it from the outlet. Wait about 15 minutes to ensure the residual electricity has discharged. Place the console on a table in front of you with the console's front facing you.


Remove the rectangular rubber bumper that covers the security screw. As you face the console, you will see it on the left side. Use a T10 Torx screwdriver to remove the single screw.


Slide the console's top cover to the left until you can lift it up off the console. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the seven screws along the top edge of the top half of the console case. Each screw is marked with an arrow pointing at it.


Grasp the rear edge of the top of the console, and lift it up and toward you to remove it. If the console has never been opened before, this might require quite of bit of force to release the metal clips that secure it.


Position the new drive in the drive bay on the right side of the console. Connect the data ribbon cable to the connector on the bottom of the circuit board and connect the power cable to the connector on the left side of the drive. Ensure the drive is properly aligned so the screw holes will line up when you replace the top half of the case.


Replace the top part of the console and gently press around the edges to seat it in place. Replace the seven screws that secure it to the console. Place the top cover onto the console and slide it to the right until it is secure.


Replace the security Torx screw on the left side of the console, and press the rubber bumper pad into place.

Tips & Warnings

Sometimes you can get lucky and find a broken Blu-ray drive for sale that still has the circuit board attached. Purchasing this is usually cheaper than purchasing a new circuit board by itself.

A few manufacturers sell new drives that include the circuit board.

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