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Can You Separate a Netflix Instant Queue Into Categories?

Print this articleNetflix offers a DVD and online streaming service to customers. You can add streaming movies you are interested in viewing to your Instant Queue. By separating your queue into categories, you can potentially find videos you are interested in viewing more quickly.

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Netflix streaming customers can choose from an online library consisting of movies and television shows. You can add videos that you want to view at a later time to your Instant Queue. The queue is accessible from any device on which you view Netflix content. You can add as many videos to your queue as you want. When you find a movie you want to watch later, click “Add to Instant” and it will appear in your Instant Queue.

Separating Queue

If you want to separate the Instant Queue, you have limited options for doing so. Although the queue cannot be separated based on users, you can divide the list up based on categories. When you separate the queue, a separator or divider is not displayed. Instead, the movies remain in the original list, but in the order you chose. Movies in the queue do not have to be viewed in a specific order.

Rearranging Queue

You can rearrange your Instant Queue based on several factors, such as genre and star rating. The top of the queue displays headers to help you keep the movies organized. You can use the headers to determine how you want to group the movies. For instance, you can opt to move all of the horror movies together. Move a movie's position by clicking “Update Instant Queue” and the movie will move to the position indicated. You may need to rearrange the list several times to group the moves in the desired order.

Recently Watched

When you watch a movie in your Instant Queue, it is moved to the Recently Watched section. The section is the only category that is set apart in the queue. The videos remain in the Instant Queue until you remove them, but the last three viewed videos are displayed in the Recently Watched category. The dates of the last viewed videos are displayed next to each so that you can keep track of when each movie was watched.

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