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Can Blu-ray Be Used with an iMac?

Apple's iMac comes with a variety of multimedia features.

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Apple iMac computers are not equipped with internal Blu-ray disc drives, so it is not possible to play Blu-ray discs directly on the computer. You can connect an external Blu-ray disc player, install some different software and come close to being able to watch a Blue-ray disc to its fullest potential on your iMac, but no more than close.

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If you put a Blu-ray disc into the iMac’s DVD drive, you can view the disc’s file structure, but not its content. An iMac can be made to support an external Blu-ray disc player, but it requires the installation of several software applications, including Apple’s Boot Camp and a Windows operating system, to play a Blu-ray disc’s content. Even then, don’t expect the quality of the Blu-ray’s content to be as sharp and crisp as it is when played on a Blu-ray disc player connected to a high-definition TV or a computer that’s intended to play Blu-ray discs.

HD DVD Viewing

As of October 2011, the iMac is available in models with a 21.5- or 27-inch display screen, offering ample screen space for viewing video. While the iMac is not designed to play Blu-ray discs, you can watch high-definition video content on the machine using its internal DVD drive.

Viewing Specs

The 21.5-inch iMac models display at 1,920 by 1,080 pixels of resolution, while the 27-inch models display at 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. These resolutions create sharp images and give video content more definition than standard video display technology. Coupled with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio, each of the iMac models produces the same viewing qualities offered by high-definition TV. The iMac's contrast ratio contributes to the production of a wide range of colors, and the aspect ratio adjusts and fits video content onto the screen in a manner that will not compromise the high-quality display of video content.

Additional Viewing Features

The current models of the iMac come with in-plane switching technology, which increases the optimal viewing angle of the computer’s display screen to up to 178 degrees. This means viewers can enjoy the high-quality video capabilities of the iMac from any angle, without losing any of the color or resolution features offered by the machine. With LED backlit technology, the iMac's screen requires no warmup time and can be adjusted to display optimally in any lighting setting.

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