Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Add New Widgets to Vizio

Add and remove widgets using the remote control.

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Vizio manufactures a variety of audiovisual equipment for the home, with a focus on high-definition televisions. The company's products offer a connected living room experience through Internet apps -- often referred to as widgets -- that provide access to online services such as YouTube, eBay, Facebook and Flickr. You can add and remove widgets from your Vizio device's home screen as more widgets gradually come online. Acquire widgets through a special page in the Vizio device's menu called the Widget Gallery.

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Turn your Vizio device on. If it is a device other than a television, such as a Blu-ray player, ensure your TV is switched to the correct input for the device.


Navigate to the Vizio device's Widget Gallery using the remote control. The process differs depending on the device, so consult your instruction manual for information on how to access the Widget Gallery. Typically, you reach it by pressing the "Via" button on the remote control.


Select the "All Widgets" button on the screen using the direction buttons on the remote control. A list of all available Vizio widgets is displayed.


Use the direction buttons on the remote control to select a widget you want to install and click the "OK" button. The widget is downloaded to your Vizio device and added to the "Via Dock" page.

Tips & Warnings

Most Vizio devices include a selection of pre-installed widgets.

Some widgets, such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, require you to enter your account details before you can use them on your Vizio device.

An Internet connection is required to access the Widget Gallery.

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