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Problems With GBC-H20L Blu-Ray

A single blu-ray disk can hold as much data as several DVDs combined.

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Blu-ray disks can store far more data than traditional DVDs or CDs. They can easily hold large HD movies on a single disk and vast amounts of storage that previously required multiple disks. LG's GBC-H20L blu-ray drive is a basic optical drive that reads these blu-ray disks and also reads and writes to DVDs and CDs. If you encounter any problems with your drive, they're likely due to the connections or to the disk itself.

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If the drive doesn't appear to turn on at all and you can't even see a light on the front of it, the drive probably doesn't have any power. You should check the connections you made inside of the computer when you installed the drive. Each connection should be secure, and you should be careful when making a connection, since the cords only fit together one way. If you try to force any of them, you may damage the drive or connections. First turn off the computer and unplug it. Then open the computer tower, as you did when you installed the drive, and check the power connector. If you're looking at the back of the drive, the connector will be on your left. The cord attached to the drive should then connect to a power cord that leads directly to the power supply, which is the box that the computer's main power cord connects to. After you make sure that each connection is secure, close the computer and see if the drive will work when the computer is turned on again.

Functionality Problems

If the drive indicator light turns on, but you can't access any disks in the drive through Windows, the data connector may be loose. You should reset the computer first to see if that clears up the problem. If the drive is unavailable after a reset, turn off the computer and unplug it, then open up the computer tower as you did when you originally installed the drive. When you're looking at the back of the drive, the data connection is on your right. Make sure the cord is securely connected to the drive, and the other end is securely connected to the SATA connector on your motherboard. The connectors only fit one way, and they should slide in fairly smoothly, so don't force them or you may damage the drive or your computer. After checking the data cords, close the computer tower and turn on the computer to see if Windows can access the drive now.

Disk Problems

If you're having trouble reading or writing to a disk, open the disk drive and make sure the disk isn't scratched or dirty. If it's dirty, clean it with a soft cloth by wiping it from the center of the disk out. Do not use a circular motion when cleaning it. You can also use disk cleaning solution if you want. If a disk is stuck inside the drive, you may need to use the emergency eject button. As a last resort, you should try ejecting the disk and resetting the computer again. If you need to use the emergency eject feature, turn the computer off and insert a small, strong object into the hole just above the eject button on the drive. A paperclip may work for this, but you should be careful, since it may not be strong enough. When you firmly insert the object, the drive will open and the tray will partially eject. You can then carefully pull the tray all the way out.

Other Problems

Although the drive will normally work correctly right away, installing new drivers may correct problems in some cases. You must have an Internet connection to check for new drivers. To check for driver updates, click the "Start" button, then "Control Panel," followed by "System and Security" and choose "Device Manager" in the "System" section. Click the plus icon next to "DVD/CD-ROM drives" to locate the blu-ray drive. Right-click the drive and select "Update Driver Software..." and wait for Windows to look for new drivers. Follow any prompts that appear. If you've checked everything you can, but the blu-ray drive still isn't working, you can contact LG support by calling 800-243-0000 or by looking at the "Contact LG" section of lg.com/us/support/index.jsp.

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