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How to Get My Laptop to Read a Blu-Ray PS3 Game

Print this articleVideo games created for the PlayStation 3 gaming console come on Blu-ray discs. If you want to view the contents of a PS3 Blu-ray game disc using your laptop, you must have a Lite-On DH-401S Blu-ray drive installed. The Lite-On DH-401S Blu-ray drive is the only device that can read PS3 game discs. The device reads the discs as data discs; it does not allow you to play the games on your laptop. You can connect a Lite-On DH-401S Blu-ray drive to your laptop via a SATA USB optical drive adapter.

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Connect the SATA USB adapter to the “SATA Power” and “SATA Data” slots on the back of the Lite-On DH-401S Blu-Ray drive. Next, connect the power adapter that came with SATA USB adapter to a power source and insert the Molex cable into the power slot on the back of the SATA USB adapter.


Connect the USB cable on the SATA USB adapter to your laptop. You will see a notification on the lower right side of the desktop when Windows 7 installs the required device drivers.


Insert a PS3 Blu-ray game disc into the Lite-On DH-401S Blu-Ray drive. Your laptop will now start to read the data on the PS3 Blu-Ray game disc.


Click the “Open Folder to View Files” option to view the contents on the PS3 Blu-ray game disc.

Tips & Warnings

View the manual that came with your SATA USB adapter for further information on how to connect it to an optical drive.

You cannot play PS3 games on your laptop.

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