Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Activate Your Magnavox Blu-Ray to Facebook

Print this articleAlthough many Magnavox Blu-Ray player users primarily rely on the player for playback of Blu-Ray movies and shows, some also choose to make use of the Blu-Ray players Internet applications feature. Through Vudu, a free included application on the Magnavox Blu-Ray player, users are able to update and view Facebook status updates from the device. Activating your Magnavox Blu-Ray merely requires logging into your Facebook account from Vudu.

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Turn on your Magnavox Blu-Ray player by pressing the “Power” button.


Use the remote to select the “Vudu apps” icon on the Magnavox Blu-Ray player’s main screen.


Select “Facebook” from the list of available Vudu apps on the Magnavox Blu-Ray player.


Select the “Connect to Facebook” button on the Facebook app main screen.


Type in your Facebook account username and password and then click “Authorize” to complete the process of activating your Magnavox Blu-Ray player to Facebook.

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  1. when I select the facebook app,it says device must be activated to use facebook. It does not give me a log in page