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How to Use Makeup for a Temporal Bullet Wound Effect

Print this articleThe temporal lobes in the human brain are located behind the ears, from slightly in front of the ear to slightly behind it, and extending above the ear a few inches. A fake bullet wound made with gory makeup can be a great finishing touch to a wide variety of costumes during Halloween.

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Pull hair back away from the ear or shave bushy sideburns back to leave the skin just in front of the ear clear and visible.


Brush on a nickel-size area of eyelash glue or spirit gum just thick enough to hold the cotton.


Tear the cotton ball to get a small amount of cotton, about a quarter of the size of a cotton ball. Compress and flatten it into a circle and stick on to the glued area.


Coat the edges of the cotton with more glue, working it into the cotton and spreading it slightly to enlarge the circle and blend it into your skin. Allow the glue to partially dry so the eye shadow won't run when applied.


Use the black eye shadow to make a circle in the middle of the cotton to mimic the entry wound. Reapply if necessary until the "hole" is dark black.


Brush on foundation and work it into the cotton and glue to blend it in to your skin tone.


Brush reddish-brown eye shadow onto the cotton and work outward into the skin. Dab skin further away to create a stipple effect to mimic blood spatter.


Brush fake blood onto the black "hole" in the center of the circle. Keep dabbing it on until it naturally drips down toward your jaw. Allow to dry.

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