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Can't Delete Rented Movie From iPod

FoodHomeStyleMoneyFamilyHealthShiftMore This SeasonSimplify the SeasonTailgatingTech Know HomeArts & EntertainmentMovies & FilmRenting MoviesCan't Delete Rented Movie From iPodCan't Delete Rented Movie From iPodPrint this articleAt the Macworld Expo in 2008, Apple announced that movie rentals would be available through iTunes for viewing on various Apple devices. Among these devices is the iPod classic, iPod Nano and iPod touch. Although rented movies are automatically deleted after a specified period of time, you may want to delete theme earlier to free up space on your device. This can be done through your iPod or through iTunes.

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Once you rent a movie, you have 30 days to begin watching it, at which point it will be automatically deleted from your iPod. Once you begin watching a rented movie, it will be automatically deleted after 24 hours in the United Stated and 48 hours elsewhere in the world.

Manually Delete the Movie from Your iPod

If you don't want to wait for a rented movie to expire, you can manually delete it from your iPod. If you are using an iPod Nano or an iPod Classic, select the rented movie then click on the "Delete" button. If you are using an iPod touch, swipe your finger from the left side of the movie title to the right side to reveal a "Delete" button. Regardless of which iPod you own, you will be asked to confirm your selection before the movie is permanently deleted from your device.

Manually Delete the Movie from iTunes

If you are unable to delete a rented movie from your iPod, connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes. Once the name of your device appears in the panel on the left side of the screen, click on it and select "Manually manage movies and music" from the summary tab. Then, select "Rented Movies" from your iPod's "Library" menu and delete the movie from there. Don't disconnect your device until you are prompted to do so or the movie may not be successfully deleted.

Restore iPod

If all attempts to delete a rented movie from your iPod fail, connect your device to iTunes and perform a system restore. Before the process begins, you will be prompted to backup all your data. Your device will then be erased and restored from your backup. Since rented data is not included in your backup, your rented movie will not be copied back to your iPod.

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